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Error: Undefined, or wrong type of variable...

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Hi Folks,

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, or if this is some type of bug...


I have an application that I use for tracking clients. I have a macro that I use for inserting client notes. The application (Mind Manager8) does seem to like simulated keystrokes, so (with the help of the forum member here :) ) I've developed a macro that *should* paste something like the following:



On Mon 3/9/2009 at 11:40 AM phone conversation with teacher, notes were as follows:




"phone" "converstation" and "teacher" are chosen from among other items in a dialog. I will paste the code below... A summary of the lines of code are as follows:

1. Multiple choice menu. Save item text to a text variable (txtContactType)

2. Set another text variable to "=======<ENTER>On " (txtComposite)

3. Generate the current date and time and save to another text variable (txtDate)

4. Append txtDate to txtComposite.

5. Append txtContactType to txtComposite

6. Set another text variable to "notes were as follows:<ENTER><ENTER>=======" (txtForComposite)

7. Append txtForComposite to txtComposite

8. Use Text Type (paste method) to insert %txtComposite% into active text field.

9. An extra Text Type <CTRLUP> just incase it gets stuck down...


Here is the code:


<MULTIPLE CHOICE MENU Style="\x01" Result="\x01" Dest="%txtContactType%" Title="Contact Notes" Prompt="Specifics of contact?" Options="Phone \r\nEmail \r\nMail \r\nFax \r\nMeeting \r\nConversation \r\nTesting \r\nVoice message \r\nInterview \r\nConference \r\nTalked \r\nwith \r\nfrom \r\nto \r\nsent to \r\nleft for \r\nParent, \r\nIEP Team members, \r\nTeacher, \r\nRR Teacher, \r\nSLP, \r\nOT, \r\nAdmin, " Left="Center" Top="Center" Monitor="0" Width="582" Height="388" OnTop="FALSE"/>

<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%txtComposite%" Value="======\r\nOn "/>

<DATE/TIME Format="DDDD M/d/yy @ t " Flags="\x80" Date="12/30/1899" Day_Offset="0" Month_Offset="0" Year_Offset="0" Hour_Offset="0" Second_Offset="0" Left="Center" Top="Center" Monitor="0" Variable="%txtDate%" IsDateVar="FALSE" _IGNORE="0x0002"/>

<VARIABLE MODIFY STRING Option="\x07" Destination="%txtComposite%" Variable="%txtDate%"/>

<VARIABLE MODIFY STRING Option="\x07" Destination="%txtComposite%" Variable="%txtContactType%"/>

<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%txtForComposite%" Value=" the notes are as follows:\r\n\r\n=======\r\n"/>

<VARIABLE MODIFY STRING Option="\x07" Destination="%txtComposite%" Variable="%txtForComposite%"/>

<TEXT TYPE Action="1" Text="%txtComposite%"/>

<TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<ARROW UP>"/>




It seems like it should work, and the different steps *do* seem to work in isolation, but when I run the whole thing, it doesn't recognize the first variable. Note that all variable *are* declaired. They are global and are not arrays...


Ideas? Thanks :) -steve

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I think I may have solved it....

The actual macro was an automatic convert from MEv3--even though it had been completely reworked.. As such, MEpro wants all of the variables to end with[1], even though it doesn't require it. That's why durring my testing (which was done with newly made sub-macros) everything worked.


What I ended up doing was simply copy-n-pasting the code into a newly created MEpro macro. When I saved it, it prompted me to declare all of the macros. It appears to work fine....


Side note:

What's funny is that when I have a tech problem (with ME or another app/forum) I typically rack my brain and never figure it out untill I post it as a question. Then I imediately figure out the solution... Oh well :)

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