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im still on the same macro ,but ive learnt a awful lot from here .how ever ive got a really strange problem .

Im trying to fill a form in 3x with different data. so to fill the different fields .i am using text file begin ...end text file end .but its not the first txt will start at the first entry then the second 3 down the forth second line down and so on.I have check the setting and all are set to starting process record 1.


I hope I have explained that well enough.

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I find your post difficult to read but it sounds like you are attempting to use ASCII File Process the wrong way. If I had had a 5 field form I wanted to fill out multiple times I would use ASCII FP. The setup would be that I would read the text into an array variable with a name like %Column%. The Array would have to be defined to have 5 elements. Now I would fill out the form by pasting out %Column[1]% > Tab > %Column[1]% Tab, and so on. It might look something like this:

<ASCII FILE BEGIN PROCESS Filename="c:\\source file.txt" Format="CSV" Start_Record="1" Process_All="TRUE" Records="1" Variable="%Column%" Start_Index="1"/>
<TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="%Column[1]%<TAB>%Column[2]%<TAB>%Column[3]%<TAB>%Column[4]%<TAB>%Column[5]%<ENTER>"/>
<DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="2"/>

Is this essentially how you are doing it?

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