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Getting Mexhook.dll Error


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Hello Renee!


It sounds like you will need to have someone with administration rights uninstall the existing Macro Express, and then reinstall the new version. I have never installed Macro Express without administration rights, so I am not sure what went wrong.


Have you tried just reinstalling the 3.4 you mentioned?

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I'm confessing my sins... if the admin guys find out I tried and downloaded the new version... well we don't want to go there. Where is version 3.4? I don't have it... can I get it???


Long story made short: I asked the head admin guy if I could upgrade ME on everyone's computers, he said yes, and even though it said I need admin rights it worked just fine, (it was version 3.4b I think... not at work to look at it) anyway, I was installing a macro I had written on a computer I've not used before and it didn't work, so thinking it was because of the older version of ME, I went to download newest version and I didn't think there would be a problem because I've upgraded about 8 other machines, but alas there was with that .dll file (AND one of the other admin guys, said NO you have to get permission to download anything, I dont' care if my BOSS did tell you could download the new version). OH what tangle web we weave... so I'm thinking if I HAD an older version I could re-install that! yes.. no???? and the mexhook.dll file wouldn't matter? - Renee

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Sorry that you are in a pinch. You can download a previous version. There are instructions in the section named "Previous versions of Macro Express" on their download page at http://www.macros.com/download.htm.


I believe that it would be best to have someone that has administration privileges uninstall, and then install whichever version you want.

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