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Is there any way to determine if you are in a text box when the macro is started


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Is there any say I can determine whether, at the point I started a ME macro, I am in a single or multi line text box, where the characters typed are being taken by the program as an input string, or am not in such a box, where the running program will interpret what I type as a command or ignore it.

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If asked to determine manually whether the cursor is currently in a single or multi-line textbox, how would you go about this task?


If you can rely on the shape of the cursor (generaly an I-Beam in a text box, but I'm sure that's not universally true), then perhaps you could test the shape of your cursor?

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What exactly is "the Windows title of the text box"?

Does this refer to the title in the title bar of the window or is this an internal program box name?

Yes, the title bar of the window. For example, if I start Notepad, the title bar is "Untitled - Notepad". If I open file abc.txt with Notepad, the title bar is "abc.txt - Notepad".

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