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How do you all like the file level passwords?

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In ME3 I could password protect a macro file and it made sense to me. When one first opened the editor you were prompted once for a password that lasted your entire editor session. MEP split the Explorer and Scripting Editor and now things are different and I don't like how it works. FYI my goal is to protect my file from changes by users and I'm talking about the file level password and not the macro level security.


View level password: When opening the Explorer one gets prompted but while in the All Categories can open and edit macros at will. But if one uses categories one is prompted every time.


Edit level password: One can open the Explorer unmolested but will be prompted each time one attempts to open a macro.


How I think it should work: I believe that if one is setting a file level password, bear in mind that we can still do macro level passwords, for either view or or edit we should be prompted only once per Explorer session. Additionally view and edit should work like file permissions and entering in view mode should not allow one to edit. IOW just like view/list for files. IE I don't see the point of having view giving more access than edit. My goal is to be able to work in a secured macro file without being constantly hounded to type in the same bloody password over and over again.


What do you think of my idea of how it should work and how many of you use password protection on distributed macros?

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