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OT: A Forum for our finest macros?

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Most posts usually deal with solving specific problems for individual users. Terrific and very useful when I have a similar dilemma.


But with (x) users of MEPro, if we were given the same task to perform via macro, the community would surely come up with (x+n) unique solutions. That, to me, is a wellspring of wisdom begging to be shared.


I think there would certainly be value in having a Forum specific to sharing our best/favorite/most elegant macros. See how others design their logic flow, experience how others are using array variables, sample special snippets, whatever. Where we can strut our stuff, and see/learn how others strut. A Forum sharing our own solutions, and for others to append their creative alternatives.


Sometimes I don't even know it's possible until I see someone else do it. I could be struggling to reinvent the wagon wheel when someone else already has an all-weather radial rollin' out there. And how many labor hours could be saved by such a repository?


Worthwhile or worthless, Joe? :unsure:

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I think that was part of the purpose for the Macro Express 3.x Third Party Tools. The 'About This Forum' topic says:

This forum is a repository for third party tools, which are defined as anything a user or developer could use to enhance their own macros, libraries, and projects. Feel free to post your tools here!.

Another resource is the Shared Macros page. Send Insight Software Solutions an interesting macro and we'll post it. You might also receive a Macro Express T-shirt if we use your macro.


I think it is a great idea to have a place to share macros with one another.

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I wanted to be able to attach, illustrate and revise in ways the forums and ISS's site would not allow me to so I created my own site. Some are samples, some theory. Click here. However I started using MEP some time ago and was sworn to secrecy and could not post cool stuff and since the release have been too bust to post any cool content so it's mostly old ME3 stuff I would now do differently:)

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