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Change System Date With Variable


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From: Joachim


Subject: change System date with variable

Date: 06/05/2004


I'm trying desperatly to change the system-date on my pc with a


The content of the %T1% is eg "05.06.2003".

the System|set system Date/Time doesen't provide variables and inserting

<SYSTIMESET:F:0:T:%T1%> in the Direct Editor doesn't work either.

The reason for this is, that I have about 500 Word docs, that all contain a

field function that updates the date written in each document.

I need to print all these documents with their creation date and not the

actual date.

Does anybody have an idee?

thanks Joe

The answer is bit late; from the old newsgroups; using the date format comparison again!:

Same as setting the date from the string;

Convert STANDARD Date String to any Date Format

integers derived from afile

Delete files older than a certain date

I need to use the “Direct Editor” (or run it in a macro as I prefer)

Apart from these 3 uses, and arrays,

Floyd, “Increment variables”

does anyone know of other commands in Macro Express which require the direct editor like this?

Date/Time: Save "hh:mm:ss" into %T2%

Variable Set String %T1% "27/3/05"

Variable Set String %T31% "<SYSTIMESET:T:%T2%\sT:%T1%>"

Run Macro in Variable %T31%

Macro Return


Interested, Randall

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