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Multple Instances Of Single Application


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Welcome Terryb -


I don't think so. I assume that you are wanting to use Macro Express to send keystrokes, mouse movements, and clicks to the game. Just like you, Macro Express can only send keystrokes to the active window, the window that currently has focus.


Macro Express can certainly run in the background and do all sorts of things while you are doing something else, but you have only one keyboard and mouse, which means that only one of you at a time can use them.


That being said, it may be possible, depending on your intentions, how the game was written, and so forth, to use Macro Express's Window Controls in one game which would free-up sending mouse clicks to another one. This would only work (if it works) for mouse clicks.

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Floyd and Terryb,


Use the Mouse Single Left Click on Control macro command to do mouse clicks on a control that does not have focus.


Use the Text Type macro command with the Send Text to Control to send keystrokes to a control that does not have focus.


But, these commands only work for applications that support the Windows Controls. Some applications do not so this technique does not work in all cases.

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