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I like to have a macro run every 10 minutes

starting 7:00 to 18:00

Any suggestions will be appreciated





Set the macro to run on a schedule. Have the schedule set to run Daily at 7:00AM


On the Range tab set the macro to run between 7:00AM and 6:00PM.


Enclose the macro itself within a Repeat Loop. At the end of each loop attach a 10 minute delay (or less if the macro takes very long to finish).


This will cause your macro to run each day, every ten minutes between 0700 and 1800. There are probably smoother ways to do it, but this one is simple enough and should work.


Good luck!

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I would set a Scheduled Activation choosing the "When a specified time has elapsed" option set to 10 minutes. On the range tab set the "Start calculating" to some even hour value in the past and check the box "Run macro between..." and set your times. Also might want to set the days to M-F if it's a 'work' macro.

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Thanks Steve and Cory.

Both suggestions work fine. I chose to use Cory's because is

similar to the one I was using in ME3.



Frankly, I'd choose to use Cory's over mine any day of the week, regardless of the macro. The dude's a macro god (no blasphemy intended, just making a point ;) )

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