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In a MEP macro I am using an Excel file in which I embed

a microsoft macro (VBA Sub).

I try to call the sub but MEP cannot find it.

So for now to get to the sub I click in excel Tools\Macro\...

How can I get the sub directly ?


Please help



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I once launched VBA macros in some Office app using the command line. I think it was Excel but I can't be certain. Might try that. I think I even posted about it back in the ME3 forum. But that was some time ago.

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I tried using "Program Launch" with


Application.Run "C:\XFIL\ER.xls!optimize"

It should have worked because MEP accepted it (when I left something

out will get "specify file")

and still I was getting at run time "cannot locate file)

Finaly I solved the problem by using the MS macro's short-cut

and Text type <CONTROL><SHIFT>N

Thanks for your help

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Sometimes you will need to actually specify the EXE in the run line of Application run and the parameters like the file name and macro in the parameters field. I don't know why this is but in same cases it seems necessary.

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