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Save All Variables crash

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Has anyone else been seeing crashes in Save Variables? I reported this bug over the weekend but when I try to replicate the crash in a more simple example it works. As it is it's in a called macro but the parent macro is slightly complex and when I run the called macro in another simpler macro it seems to work. I can't wait for the bug to be fixed so either I need to figure out what's causing it or do some massive overhauling to all my macros in this file. The later is not a terrible alternative because I'd like to do that anyway but it's time consuming and I've been trying to roll this macro out for months now.

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I experience no problems with the Variables Save All or the Variables Restore All commands. The Variables Clear All command also works but is incredibly slow in debug mode - on my machine it takes around 8 seconds to run (but runs instantaneously in normal mode)!

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