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Multiple file open problems

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I am having some problem with a roll out and a terminal server (see other post) where multiple files are getting open and in general I was wondering if anyone else has considered the problem with not being able to manage or close open files from the macros and if so what methods you employed. Let me set a simple example but by no means do I mean to limit the discussion to this. Example: Have it so when a macro runs it checks to see what other macro files are open and closes all except the desired macro. Kevin has been helpful with many suggestions using the registry and such but I still don't have what I consider a viable solution.


One thing I did try that failed was to use the Load New Macro File command with the "Close all open macro files before opening the new file" option but if the macro file it's running from is already open it bombs out.


Ideally I guess I would like to be able to list the macro files that are open and be able to close open macro file. So far I only see a command to open files.

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