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Looking for the best method to save / restore information. I'm a VB programmer from way back and I always used an .INI file. Then along came XP and the registry. I have always like the .INI file because it way easily viewalble and editable with notepad. So I would like to stick with a text file approach. Any change someone has a .INI macro they would be willing to share?


Thanks for any help you may offer this newbie ;)

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Any change someone has a .INI macro they would be willing to share?
I'm guessing you meant to write "chance" instead of "Change". Is so there is no need for a special macro, MEP has commands for manipulating INIs. Check out Variable Modify String Save to INI and also in Variable Set String there is another to read.


Generally I opt top use the registry. Back in the day I hated INI files as they were a constant problem. In fact the registry was designed to eliminate all those problems and did handsomely. And it doesn't require a disk write! However I do use INI files to save settings on distributed macros as this is the only way to keep settings in a common location for network users.

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