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Large Virtual Memory Usage

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Just Purchased Mex Pro today and am running it on my WinXp (sp3) machine. When I loaded my old files my system came to a halt, then I noticed that the VM size was over 1.5 Gig.


I cleaned out my old files and then chose not to diplay icons and such. This reduced the start load to a minimum.


I ran a few tests and noticed that each time I open the Editor my VM jumps 200 Mbs. Open it 7 times and it is now 1.6Gbs.

The only way to fix this is to close Mex completely then restart it.


Does anyone else have this problem, or know a solution to it?


Thanks for your help,


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I write many macros for many companies on many platforms and I've never seen this problem before so all I can say is that this is not a common problem. I'm guessing there's something going on with your system and possibly a compatibility issue with MEP. You really should start a support incident with ISS.

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If you downloaded Macro Express Pro prior to last Friday, you should download the latest version. Do your macros use the Macro Run command? There was a 'memory leak' with the Macro Run command that caused memory to be used up. If you are already using v then you should, as Cory suggested, ask Insight Software Solutions' support for help.

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