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Ok, I'm the first to admit that I thought it was a little silly and unnecessary to have "font control" or whatever in dialog boxes in ME Pro. I had never needed it and hadn't even thought it was missing or would be a nice feature in ME3. And I do use Text Boxes on a number of macros, so I'm not completely in the dark about their usefulness.


However, now that I've toyed with it a bit, I find that going back to ME3 for brief periods (at work, my PC is the only one with MEP currently installed), I find myself missing the aesthetic improvements of my personal macros. So, yeah, the feature has grown on me, and I'm glad Insight had a better grasp of what I wanted than even I did :).


Now, with that said, I can't stop myself from trying to liven-up my other dialogs, specifically the If Message prompt, but also the Multiple Choice menu.


Sometimes I want a specific point in the prompt to be in bold or italicized.


Right now I have a prompt that says, more or less:

You're currently working with Bank 002.

Your Assistant Application is still set to Bank 001.

Would you like me to change it for you?


I would like to do something like this:


You're currently working with Bank 002.

Your Assistant Application is still set to Bank001.

Would you like me to change it for you?


Or something... The idea is pretty basic. And the reason for it is simple: Red = bad/scary and draws the eye. Blue = calm and soothing. In a glance I know which bank is the one I may want to be working on and which one I may want to be rid of, without having to read it. As it is, my brain takes longer deciphering which one is which. Top or Bottom isn't as immediate an indication as color-association. I'm no psychologist, and so I may be wrong about that... though it seems true enough for me.


My other option, which I'm leaning towards, is taking the prompt out altogether. Just have the macro make the change. It only takes about 1 second... hmmm.... But this is just one example.


Anyway, I'm a rambler (obviously). Anybody else think this would be nice? I'm thinking of submitting a feature request, regardless of responses, but I wouldn't mind some other input before I do.


Also, if Kevin et al. are already aware of a future release in which this is planned, and wanted to spill the beans about it, I won't waste anybody's time with a formal request for something already in progress.



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