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Use Me To Resize Windows Explorer Every Day


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Simplified/Modified on July 16, 2004:

EVERY DAY when I use Windows Explorer, I have a Hot Key macro (Ctrl-Alt E) that brings up TWO Explorer Windows at the same time [via two Macro Runs) and resizes the Windows Explorer window to the right side of the computer screen (Ctrl-Alt-R), and the other Macro Run resizes the Windows Explorer window to the left side of the computer screen (Ctrl-Alt-L).


For me, this is MUCH SUPERIOR TO using the {Windows Key + E} [i.e. holding down Windows Key at the same time you press the letter “E” on the keyboard]. That only brings up ONE Explorer windows.


The last two mentioned macros (Ctrl-Alt-R) (Ctrl-Alt-L) actually RESIZE the CURRENT WINDOW TO THE LEFT OR TO THE RIGHT OF THE COMPUTER SCREEN, which I use frequently during the day.


To continue, I also have three other related macros that resizes to the bottom(Ctrl-Alt- B ) and top(Ctrl-Alt-T), and "FullScreen"(Ctrl-Alt-Z). So, for example, I would use (Ctrl-Alt- B )and (Ctrl-Alt-T) to resize the CURRENT WINDOW respectively to the bottom and top of the screen, etc. INSTANTLY!!!!


I often resize APPLICATIONS, such as spreadsheets, word processing applications.. So I also use these resizing Hot Keys macros for copying from one application (say a cell from a spreadsheet,) and pasting into another application (e-mail, or word processor). Or I use the top resized window to read or copy a serial number into the bottom resized window etc.


My productivity is much greater because of this simple INSTANTLY PERFECT resizing.

When I am on someone else's computer, who does not have these resizing macros, I find my productivity is down, and my frustration is up.


If you get into my macros, you will see these simple macros keep repeating [sometimes] commands, but they have been working for 6 years without fail on all my computers - Windows 98, Windows XP etc.- whether the computer is slow or fast that day. The macros work flawlessly for me.


In a later post (July 16, 2004) below, as requested by Joe Weinpert, I have attached the macros that you can import and play. I suggest using the Hot Key (Ctrl-Alt-E) that launches the 2 Explorer Windows AND brings up the two macros that resizes the two CURRENT windows, [which just happen to be the 2 Windows Explorers] to the left side and to the right side of the computer screen:


You might need to change the Window Resize such as:


Window Resize: %T1% - (Width: 635, Height: 980)


to adjust for your own computer screen size.

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Hello lovlov!


Would you mind exporting these to playable (.mxe) files, zipping them, and then attaching the .zip file? They look good and it would save others time if they wanted to use them.

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I have download these simple but useable, playable macro files as requested by Joe. (See previous thread, July 14, 2004.)


To download these playable Macros Express 3.x macros, launch Macro Express.

A.) File, New Macro File, Save In (file name: I suggest


B.) File, Import, A Playable Macro

C.) And then import the FIRST file of these called:




When asked for a hot key, you can take my suggestion that is right in the file name, i.e.



D.) You need ONLY to bring into your Macro Express file only 2 more files named:







My screen is about 1280 by 1000 so I resize in the first downloaded macro:

Window Resize: %T1% - (Width: 1270, Height: 980)


The only changes you need to make would be to change this line for YOUR screen size.

This resizing to YOUR particular screen size would apply to the other above macros (Left,

Right). Then continue to bring in the other macros, if you want to resize the current window

to the Top,Bottom, and Maximum, rather than to the left or right of your computer screen.




Any suggestions e-mail to larry@alphaomegamex.com


Larry Mills

Privada de Pila Seca 5

San Miguel de Allende, GTO 37700



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