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The holy grail of list processing is mine. ph33r the nested one line ascii file parsed from a larger text file...


Wait for File Ready: "SPECmainlist.txt"

Text File Begin Process: "SPECmainlist.txt"

Variable Modify String: Save %T1% to Text File

Wait for File Ready: "SPECprocessor.txt"

ASCII File Begin Process: "SPECprocessor.txt" (Tab Delimited Text )

Text Box Display: TESTER 1

ASCII File End Process

Text File End Process


<WFREADY:000010:000000:000000c:\SPECmainlist.txt><BTFBEG:001:000001:000000:c:\SPECmainlist.txt><TMVAR2:17:01:00:000:000:c:\SPECprocessor.txtF><WFREADY:000010:000000:000000c:\SPECprocessor.txt><ADFBEG:F11:001:000001:000000:c:\SPECprocessor.txt><TBOX4:T:1:Center000382000278000453:000:TESTER 1OUTPUTS TEST
1 %T1% 2 %T2% 3 %T3% 4 %T4% 5 %T5% 6 %T6% 7 %T7% 8 %T8% 9 %T9%


Thoughts? I remember someone having problems with nesting this a while ago but with tab-delimited data it seems to work just fine.

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