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What does "All" in "Clear All Variables" mean?

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I do not understand what the third option is in the Clear Variables command. First one selects the type then one chooses one of three options.


  1. Clear all of this type
  2. Clear the elements...
  3. Clear all variables

The option suggest it will clear all of the variables of the selected type and it works this way. The second applies to clearing elements in an array variable and I really didn't test this. But the third suggest that it clears ALL variables. That is to say not just of the selected type. But as far as I can tell it works just like option 1. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here? Is this a bug? Can anyone else confirm?


My wish list:


[*]I want a command to clear one non-array variable just like we had in ME3. I know I can "Set" a var to nothing but I liked the clear variable command.

[*]I want a command to clear all variables of all types. Maybe this was the intention and the third option is just buggy.

[*]If option 3 is supposed to clear all types it should remove the type selection drop down when selected or something like that to make it less confusing.

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