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Find tool bug

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If you use the Find tool in Script Editor you can get highly misleading results.


If there happen to be any strings in your search target that match any of the built-in words inside the Text Box Display dialog, the hits will include every Text Box Display command in your macro.


I came across this accidentally when searching for 'width' in a long macro (to find where I'd used the variable %Width%). Further tests then revealed that just about every word produced a hit! Such as left, top, monitor. width, height, box, keep, focus etc.




I'll report this to ISS.


Of course, the built-in text in other dialogs may also contribute to all hits. Only full testing would establish this.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Yeah I discovered that a long time ago but it's good to bring it up. However I disagree with you as I feel it's a feature, not a bug. I often need to search for something like <SPLIT STRING Source=, This is the reason why I always use percents with my variables. I know many fields will allow one to omit them but IMHO it's not a good practice. This is a good example. Also look at the direct editor when deciding how to form your searches. Sometimes it's better to search for something like Destination="%Test%".

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