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Mouse Click On Control Problem

David Moen

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I've been trying to automate a program was created with JUCE. I've tried the Mouse Click on Control at specific cordinates and it doesn't work. I can move the mouse to the position in relation to the control and then left mouse click and that works. But I need to use the mouse click on control command so that the program does not need to be active.


A demo of JUCE is available at http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/juce/do...ds/jucedemo.exe

This demo has the same problem as the program that I need to automate.

Any ideas on making this work or why it doesn't work.



David Moen

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I've tried capture control. I've even tried capturing the control and set the a variables from the control class and control text and viewed the text it captured. It appears to recoginize the control, but the mouse click on control command gets ignored.


From what little I understand JUCE is a C++ library, High-level API, for creating audio apps that work on Windows, Mac and Linux. I'm not a programmer so that is the best that I understand.



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