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Issues with ME, Excel once I started using VBA


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Gosh, it's amazing what kind of communities you can find when you Goggle things!


I have been looking for somewhere where someone might have a little expertise with ME & Excel, as I'm one of only a couple in my office who use the combo.


I created some ME macros last summer, that have been working just fine thank you until I started adding some formulas, validation & VBA to my workbooks to make them smarter.


The issue I am seeing is that when I execute an 'Enter' function at the end of a row in Excel to move back to the beginning of the next row to copy through, it now pastes instead of 'carriage returning'.


The Macro Express macro copies & stores each cell between A6 & P6, tabs through to Q6 and then executes the enter function to move back to copy same for rows 7, 8 & 9 before moving to the next application to paste the data. Instead of entering(carriage return) it pastes the last piece of data copied in Q6 and then runs amok.


I could work around by changing all of my ME code to <ARROW DOWN><HOME> instead of enter, but lots of updating to do.


Has anyone here run into this within Excel? I have had my Excel VBA vetted, and that doesn't seem to be the problem.


It's nice to know that you all are out here...I'm going to have to poke around to see what tips I can pick up. ;)




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Arrow down > home indeed, also there is a command in Excel for 'go to' a certain cell. Keyboard shortcuts are going to be your best friend when using ME with Excel. I recommend anyone using the two brush up on their shortcuts....


From http://www.rnib.org.uk/xpedio/groups/publi...rnib003503.hcsp








Shortcut Key


Move to next cell in row





Move to previous cell in row



Shift + Tab


Up one screen



Page Up


Down one screen



Page Down


Move to next worksheet



Ctrl + Page Down


Move to previous worksheet



Ctrl + Page Up


Go to first cell in data region



Ctrl + Home


Go to last cell in data region



Ctrl + End

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