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I was working on a script and the selected line was ... say... line 24.


Then I moved to the Variables tab. Created the needed variables.


Decided to delete one so I selected it and hit the Red X toolbar icon to delete it. Nothing happened... Hit it again.... still nothing.


Turns out that the Delete icon was deleting lines from the script instead of items on the current tab I was working. I did eventually find the [Delete] button in the bottom right of the editor.


I'm sure that the GUI is designed that way. Just thought I'd throw this on the forum. Maybe to cause an update of the toolbar to change with each tab, or disable some icons that aren't available to the current tab, etc...

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Personally I turn that toolbar off because I prefer using the keyboard to do things like saving and deleting (delete key in this case) so I was unaware that this happened. Obviously this is 'as destined' and probably an over site ISS should be made aware of. However this is a user to user forum not sponsored by ISS so I would like to suggest you read the pinned topic from Kevin about requesiting features and reporting bugs at the top of this forum. This way your excellent suggestion will make it into the ISS tracking system for review and possible improvement in the future. In my experience they take user feedback very seriously and if easily implemented often very quickly.

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