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inadvertant shortkey activation with "chords"

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Hello, I'm running the latest version of Macro Express Pro (Macro Express Pro v and I've noticed some odd behavior I hadn't seen before.


I have a global shortkey macro that replaces "/db" with "\hsm\database\scripts\". It works fine, however, I occasionally get an activation when I type completely different key sequences. If I type a / followed by DSM (shift key held down through each letter, then this macro executes. I tried the Require Exact Uppercase/Lowercase Match, but then when I type "/DSM" I get a different shortkey activation -- "/bd" that types "\hsm\database\scripts\"-- but only if I hold down the shift key while typing the letters. If I release the shift key after each letter, the problem goes away, but that's somewhat inconvenient because I don't know what key sequences I have to watch out for.


Anyway, if anyone knows, please let me know if there's something I've misconfigured or need to check.





Minneapolis, MN

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