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Cannot type .csv extension on filename


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This seems so simple I'm almost embarrassed to ask but...


I've been using a macro for six months and the bit that's now causing me grief worked fine until recently - maybe I tweaked something elsewhere in the macro when trying to make it more reliable....


Amongst other things the macro downloads a file from the Internet which it saves as a .csv file. I need the macro to type in the .csv extension on the end of the automatically entered file name which is highlighted.


I code:


Text Type: <END>.csv




When run the file name disappears and all that is left is the "v"


I've played with this on and off for several days.


I tried:


Putting ".csv" into a variable and typing that - no better.

Typing ".csv.csv.csv" - result v.csv.csv

Slowing the typing down ridiculously slow with no improvement.

Leaving out the ".", still just get the "v"

Typing "cccccccccccccccccccccsv" : result "v"


Please, what's going on??? Anyone got any other ideas?

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Thanks Paul.


I tried that without improvement but it started a few grey cells working so I put in long delays between every line together with text box displays to see exactly what was happening. After a lot of playing around it finally dawned on me that a window was popping up during the save process that I was not waiting for. The delay, or lack of it, was sufficient to cause the macro to throw the wobbly.


Timing is everything.


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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