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translation from VBA to Macro Express

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Reverse to the "how launch macro express from Excel" topic:


I created a routine in Excel VBA and I would like to do the same in Macro Express

(when opening file, test the network user...if the user is not in the authorized people list, the programm exit).

- This sub is in a auto_open but I don't want to open the Excel file in Macro Express for executing it-


In stead of re-programming this, I was wondering if Macro Express can easily "translate" a sub routine written in visual basic for Excel.

If yes, how can we call this routine?


Thank you,

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MEP has the ability to run a script in JScript, VBScript, HTA/HTML and AutoIt. You can pass parameters and save console output. I'd recommend VBScript or (even better, but possibly a little more work) AutoIt for your requirement.


See Macro Control / External Script.

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