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Is it possible to pattern match in activating a window.

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I have six windows and need to select off a string at the front and the back of the title. The titles look like this

"TF 06-09 4/2/2009 125 tick" which is made of <Symbol><Contract><Date><Type of Chart>. I want to select a window by the Symbol and Type of Chart. So given TF and 125 tick, activate that one window.


I was hoping to see a wildcard character in the Window Title "TF * 125 tick".


How can I make this happen?

Is there a wild card capability?

Can I get a list of all windows and search strings for correct components?


Any ideas and / or suggestions welcomed




Added on:

Figured out a solution on my own again. This seems to work, is it the preferred method:


Variable Set String %T1% "6E"

Variable Set String %T2% "(15 Tick)"

Repeat with Windows: Place title in %T3%

If Variable %T3% contains variable %T1%


If Variable %T3% contains variable %T2%

Activate Window: "%T3%"

End If

Repeat End



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You posted this in the Macro Express Pro forum but, from your example, it looks like you are using Macro Express 3.


In Macro Express Pro the Window Activate command has 'Partial Match' and 'The name contains wildcards' options. In Macro Express Pro your macro would look like this:

Window Activate: TF*125 tick

Your solution is good for Macro Express 3.

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