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How to share variable between macroexpress and external script

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although a "insert variable" menu is available in the external script window, but the inserted variable cannot work in VBS script. What to do if I want to use a variable from macroexpress, such as %T[1]% in the VBS script. Besides, seems that each time only one console output can be saved to macroexpress variable, can I output like, an array, to macroexpress variables? Thanks a lot

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I have been able to insert variables into the script text with no problem. EG I have one that retrieves the owner of a file. Perhaps you could post a simple example that demonstrates?


As far as the console output you are only going to get one big text string. However one can easily parse that into an array. For instance if you had a list of files you could use the Split String command and split on the line feeds to dump the list into an array. Also of course you could direct the console output to file and process that.

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