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Playing back MP3 Files

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I want to play mp3 files randomly which are in one folder. Unfortunately the command "Sound File:" is only capable of playing wav-Files.


I could, of course use winamp or another mediaplayer but i don´t want to loose focus of the window i´m working at the moment. It should play back the mp3-files in the background.


Is there any option to hand this files via MEX Pro to a subroutine (decoder) which play them back?


Thank you


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As you observed, the media player built into Macro Express Pro does not play MP3 files. You can use the 'Program Launch' command to play an MP3 file using whatever program is associated with it.


Program Launch: "16-Darcy Farrow.mp3" (Normal)

This will launch the application associated with that file type, in most cases, Windows Media Player. I was surprised to note that setting the 'Run Mode' in the 'Program Launch' command to 'Hidden' caused Media Player to remain hidden from view while playing an MP3. I suggest that you experiment with this setting to see how it works in your environment.


You could also use the 'Window Hide' command to hide the program that plays MP3 files on your computer after it has launched.


Note that the technique to run an application associated with a type of file can be used for any file that is associated with an application. For example, to open a .doc file in Word (or WordPad if Word is not installed on that computer) do this:

Program Launch: "A_Document.doc" (Normal)

To open Excel and load a .xls file in do this:

Program Launch: "A_Spreadsheet.xls" (Normal)

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Thank you very much Kevin. Works fine.

Winamp does play the MP3 Files in the background. The focus stays on the current window.


Unfortunately i already use winamp for music. Can i force to open the MP3-files with a different player like mediaplayer even if MP3´s are associated with winamp? Similar to the right click options in win-explorer "Open with".


I guess i have to type in the corresponding path of the desired application (.exe) somehow but i don´t know how to do it exactly.


Thank you


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Yes you should be able to. See this KB article. Essentially you will use the program run command and just have mplayer.exe in the prog line but a /play in the parameters line. I have not tried it with WMP but I do this with other applications. For instance I will open a .TXT file with Word.exe instead of notepad.

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