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Just open Macro Express 3 and click on File | Import | Import Macros. Find the macro file and import the macro. A message will appear stating that the file is in an older format (if it is a version 2 file) and prompt you to convert the file to the newer file format. It should then show up in your list of macros.

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I don't have the .mex file, just the macro itself copied and pasted into an e-mail. I saved it on a ME Version 1.6 system (that's all I had for an old version) and tried your method to get it into 3.7. Got a couple dozen abend messages from ME when it tried to convert. Probably it's not legit to store a V2 macro on a V1 system and try to convert it to V3.


I was able to convert it pretty well by editing the text file and getting rid of a lot of < and > characters and replacing > by > at the end of commands. At least most of the commands are recognizable now in the V3 scripting editor and I can clean it up manually from there.

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