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We currently store our MEX file on a Shared Network Drive for everyone to access. And just lately we have had random floating menu's just pop up on everyone's screen's. Users will not even be touching their keyboards or doing anything to cause these to randomly pop up on the screen. Anybody experience this before?

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If all users are sharing the same macro file, and if that macro file has a floating menu in it, then all users will see the floating menu. Do you have a floating menu? And is it being enabled somewhere or by someone?


Yes there is floating menu's. However I tested activating them and seeing if they popped up on other user's screen's, and it did not. Its just kind of random.

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If users share a macro file, they will eventually see the floating menu macro once it is enabled.


Macro Express periodically reloads the macro file when it detects that the macro file has changed. This happens every time when Macro Express starts up. It will happen at the interval specified by the 'Automatic Synchronization Update, Synchronize Every [ ] Minutes' setting found in Options, Preferences, Network. If the a macro is run that is not already in the cache, the macro file will be reloaded. When someone starts to edit a macro, the macro file will be reloaded.


If a floating menu macro has been created and/or enabled when the macro file is reloaded, that user will see it. Due to the various ways the macro file is reloaded, it may seem "kind of random."


In short, if your macro file is shared by multiple users and that macro file contains a floating menu macro then you should expect all users to see the floating menu. Eventually.

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