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I am very new to the macro express and have currently been thrown into patching and editing a macro over 8500 lines and variables T1-T99 and N1-N50. Until 2 weeks ago i had never used this other then start and set up hot keys. I have been able to do slight modifications such as adding to things already there (normally a certain account type needs to be added and all i had to do is copy 4 lines paste and edit the account type. My job is at a call center and until recently the company that we work for did this all themselves. I do have a contact with the person that created the macro and he has helped some but I don't want to take too much of his time as he probably has other stuff to do. Plus he went on vacation for 2 weeks =/. Our macro uses a program and excel.

Basic explanation.

copies account # from excel, puts it to program pulls up account copies account info, creates new account. however there are alot of variables and if commands. My biggest block so far is all the indents that i don't understand.


My current issue is that the macro is suppose to make sure that if old accounts have a balance it kicks it out however there are accounts with balances that are Settled in Full, i am trying to put in a patch that copies the location of where it would say settled in full Account (SIFA) to variable set string T70 from clipboard (the rest of this i have no clue if I am even on the right track BUT) the rest is....If variable T70 contains SIFA, variable set integer N50 to 1 End if If variable t70 Does Not Contain SIFA , variable set integer to 0, End if

Now after this if N50 = 1 i need it to skip a block of lines, do these line's have to be right after if N50 =1 ? and then if N50 = 0 then i need it to continue with the line's of code that will kick this account out.


Thanks for any help


Also sorry i can't upload our macro which im sure would make it much easier to help me

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If variable T70 contains SIFA, variable set integer N50 to 1 End if If variable t70 Does Not Contain SIFA , variable set integer to 0, End if

Now after this if N50 = 1 i need it to skip a block of lines, do these line's have to be right after if N50 =1 ?

To save yourself a few lines of code, you could initialize N50 to zero, then check T70:





That just saves you doing the T70 evaluation twice.


As long as no other lines in the macro mess with N50 after you set it to 0 or 1, your checking to skip a block of lines can be anywhere.

IF N50=0






Or, if N50 can have values other than 0 and 1,

IF N50=1






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So all i have to do is toss N=50 Above the block i want to skip and then add a end if and a few mouse movements to close windows. and N50=1 will be a few mouse movements to close a few window's


Other question

I can't find the value of a variable and don't understand these 2 line's


N21 is not set anywhere in the macro before these 2 line's


Variable Set Integer N21 = 0

Repeat Until N21 = 1



When i run my macro in the copy that i have been editing i get a error saying no repeat end

However when i run the macro before i started editing which has the same 3 lines it continue's fine (except it kicks out some accounts that i don't want it to aka patch im working on)



EDIT: Nevermind the repeat issue i don't understand it but i figured out where i messed up and got the repeat error....Also i finished my first patch without the guy that created the macro which is now at 8659 lines..... little big for my first time playing with this program lol

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That is one big mother of a macro. Whoever wrote it, somebody should tell him "work smarter, not harder".


Agreed. I do some fairly complex actions at my job and i would be hard pressed to go over 200 lines. I know I cant because its a work macro but I would LOVE to look at that macro and see how much fat could be trimmed off of it. :D


As for exercises... just find something you want to automate and go after it. Then if you hit a roadblock come post on here and we are happy to help. Another thing that helped me a TON was reverse engineering. Take a macro that was already written and then see how they do certain actions and handle certain situations.

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Well it has to be big for what it does, it screens so much but it also has to copy a lot, like i said there's around 130 variables right now and some are used more then once


The macro takes an account from excel plugs it into our program, then it checks to make sure account is not cancelled next it checks account type if that is all fine it copies the SSN goes back to search window search's by SSN to check if they have accounts that are canceled if any accounts are canceled it has to check (my patch finished yesterday) if the account is settled or in collections. If that's fine it goes back to the main account window and has to copy first middle last name separately, copy each address field separately (# st name and type. city state zipcode) it also copies their account information(the information with us not the same as the personal info i listed), any authorized users, ID (drivers license/ state/ military) info, Birthday.....


Up to the birthday is a little more then halfway through the macro but it also has to paste all that information back in a new account.

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