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Can MEX Pro react, distinguish on Key Press?

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Everybody uses Macros where the User makes a decision within the macro. Prompts and Dialogs asking us for input (variables) are making this possible.


Often i just want to direct a macro at a certain point in 1 of 2 optional ways. I´m searching for a command/workaround which pauses the macro and wait for the next key pressed just to store that key in a variable to react upon it.


I don´t want to put my hand of the mouse or even see a dialog box. I just want to press A, S, D or F. The macro should continue like:


If A is pressed.... If S is pressed... ...


But i don´t know how to do that. The command "Wait for Key Press" does not work as it can only wait for one specific key and can´t set a path depending of which key is pressed.


The perfect command would be: "If Key X is pressed.."


Can anybody think of an workaround?


Thank you


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