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Stumped, eh? ;)

Mostly confused by the question.


Is your audio device an iPod? Zune? 8-track player? Because if so, then yeah, completely stumped, and pretty sure that ME can't affect those devices directly, even if they are hooked into the computer.


If, on the other hand, you are simply referring to WinAmp, Windows Media player, etc., then yes, you can use MEP to manipulate those programs through the applications' own built-in hot-keys or through meticulously defined mouse-movements within the macro.


Macro Express also has commands specifically designed for multimedia manipulation. They're under the "Multimedia" category of commands (shockingly). The commands range from Audio Balance, Mute, Beep, to MIDI Volume controls etc.. From my understanding these commands are very general, affecting the computer settings, rather than those of individual applications. I have personally never had any cause to use any of them other than the Beep command which I have used for diagnostic purposes only.

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