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Upgrading to Vista 64

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I have recently upgraded to Windows Vista 64 in preparation for Windows 7. I notice that all my 32 bit programs have been alloted to a folder called "Program files (x86)"


How do I find and replace text in many of my macros that tells a program to look for executable in the Program Files directory? It now needs to look for it in the Program Files (x86) directory?


When Windows 7 launches, will there be another change in the program files directory? What do I need to anticipate there?

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Export macro info and include script. Then you can search that file and find all the occurrences of the string. I actually wrote a macro to do this that makes a nice report including line number of every occurrence of a given string. If you export script and macro name only to a file and send it to me I'll happily run my macro and give you a report. But in the end you will need to open every macro and edit. Of course you can find/replace too. Suggestion: Make it a variable so in the future it's more easy to change.

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