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drop down menu and excel

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I am working on a macro to choose from a drop down menu in a form in firefox based on an MS Excel cell entry?


For example if the excel cell said "MACRO" : it will choose the drop down option "MACRO"

and so on..


can someone point me to the right function I should be using for this?





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In IE 8 you could simply type "Marco". Not sure about FF. I know older versions of IE will only allow the first letter to be used. For instance in a list of states you could type "mon" to get "Montana" in IE8 but in IE6 it will first highlight "Maine" then jump to "Ohio".


Do you know the list contents ahead of time? You could just arrow down a certain number of times based on the selection.


Also it there any reason you're driving this from Excel? It might be better to drive it from lists managed with MEP.

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