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Checkbox - Detect checked state

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I've searched the forums and found one answer (under the original Macro Express Forums) which refered back to a Knowledgebase answer. The short answer was to use 'Get Pixel' but there must be a better method.


The steps: (1) An action brings up dialog box with a checkbox and a date. (2a) Sometimes I manually check the box and set the date, then click OK. or (2b) Sometimes I uncheck the box, {date input not needed} then click OK. This dialog box always retains the past checkbox state.


I'm trying to automate (1) Prompt for a date. (2) Do the action to bring up the dialog box with the checkbox and date. (3) Always check the box, and change the date.


I would like to hear from some of the experts here.


PS - What I should do is contact the author of the program and request that they NOT retain the checkbox state each time

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