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Ok, first of all, let me say that I love these forums and all the helpful people who monitor them and provide solutions to those of us with problems.


Now, with that said, here come the water-works:


In the past, when "code" or "codebox" tags were used, they didn't affect the text-wrapping for the rest of the post. In recent months, however, "codebox" hasn't worked correctly, and regardless of which tag you use, if your code reaches the edge of the page and beyond, the rest of your post is summarily screwed. This results in one of a couple of situations:


1) Readers have to scroll right and left over and over to get the full message (tedious)

2) The poster enters subjective carriage returns in order to keep the message within his/her browser, though this may not appear very clean on other users' machines.


And in either case, the Edit buttons end up way off-screen. This problem then also extends to anybody responding to the message using the Quote function.


I know this problem has been brought up in previous posts, and I know the forum hosts have been busy on other projects and whatnot... but I was feeling just a bit whiny and wanted to add my two cents on the matter.


How do we make an official request to have this particular bug rectified? Just so I can get it off my chest?



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I would like to officially add my chords to the whine chorus.


Joe is the man for this and I'll send him a link to this to ensure he sees the post. He's super busy and the software for this forum was not written by him so he would need to go thru a support incident with Invisionzone which might take awhile and might not result in any fix.


If anyone is picking this up just look how he codebox works in the post preview mode versus an actual post.

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