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how to create a letter with variables

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hi everyone


im looking for a little help:


I belong to professional networking site, and reach out to people often through there. So often, in fact, that it has become annoying to have to even repeat certain sentences, the "from, me" at the end, etc.


What im looking to do is create standard letter, with variables where my customization would be. So, for example, my letter will read:




Dear x1,


Blah, blah blah blah. Blah blah x2, blah blah blah x3. x4.






Once activated, I want my macro to, via a small popup or something, ask me what i want in variable 1, 2, etc...


I can manage to program the thing from there, but am looking for some help with this issue.


If i have ommitted any useful information I am sorry, and will be happy to add to this.

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