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Standard versus Outline view in the forum

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Many of you may not be aware of the Outline view in this forum. In the Standard view it appears as if no matter what button you click they all appear chronologically. But appearances can be deceptive. If you hit the ADD REPLY button at the bottom is simply adds one to the bottom. But if you hit the REPLY button in an individual post you will start or continue a thread. This is important because in one topic the thread will often split and it's nice to see which messages are in response to which. I urge you all to check out the Options > Display Modes > Outline mode. It's also nice because as you move into a split of a thread it hides all that are not on that thread and highlights in yellow which messages it's displaying in a subject tree. To me it makes a lot more sense when trying to follow several people going off in slightly different directions and keep posts relevant. Of course that only work if you use the correct button! So I urge all of you whether Standard or Outline viewers to only use the REPLY button in the message you wish to respond to and not the ADD REPLY button at the bottom.



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