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Accesskey For Multiple Choice Menu


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does anyone know how to modify a "multiple choice menue" that you could select an issue by keypress?

For example: You have a menu which contains two choices (Email and Test). Is it possible to choose "Email" by "ALT+E" or "Test" by "ALT+T"?


Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum.


Enter '&Email' and '&Test' as the choices. These will be displayed with an underlined E and T respectively. If you are using the 'Save Item Text' option be sure to modify your macro to look for '&Email' and '&Test' instead of 'Email' and 'Test'

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one easy way to get rid of the "&" is to MODIFY STRING, immediately after entry, so you strip it out (replace substring), so that you can still base response on the actual word, which would not include the "&"



Multiple choice.....

Modify string - replace "&' with ""

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