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Hotkey macro that ignores the hotkeys while running

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Is there a way to script a hotkey macro, set to "Activate as soon as the keys are pressed," that ignores the keys that have been pressed?


For example, I want to assign Alt + Up to navigate "up" a list. The script looks something like this:


Text Type Ctrl + 1

Text Type Up

Text Type Enter


It works perfectly when I disable "Activate as soon as the keys are pressed." But as soon as I enable the setting, the script effectively becomes this:


Text Type Alt + Ctrl + 1

Text Type Alt + Up

Text Type Alt + Enter


At that point, it fails.


Is there a way to force Macro Express to ignore the keys I press during hotkey activation? "Lock" and "Unlock Keyboard and Mouse" do not help.

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Yeah, develop ninja like reflexes to take your finger off the ALT key before the macro runs! ;) This is precisely why one does not use this option with macros that are going to execute keystrokes. The only thing I can think of is to use the <ALTU> (Alt Up) in front of your text type. Or of course you could put a delay in to wait for you to take your finger off the ALT key but I'm guessing this would defeat your purpose.


I'm curious, why is it a problem to wait for release?

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You might not want to end with <ALTD> as that might keep the Alt key depressed. However I'm not sure, you would need to test. I know it works that way with the shift key.


Hi Cory,


I tested your theory, but <ALTD> really is needed at the end. Since yesterday, I have been testing the macro -- there are two actually, one for moving "up" a list, the other for moving "down" -- and so far, I have observed no side effects.


When I changed the activation from Alt + Up to Shift + Alt + Up, I added <SHIFTD> and <SHIFTU> to the script, but the macro became less reliable.

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