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"Set window order on top" does not work

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Dueling command........................................

the command does not have anything dual

I never tested the function until now and confirmed that if not on top then it does not put on top. In my defense I had not tried this before because it wasn't part of your questions. And I was only quoting the help file and explaining what it claims it does as a way to explain the misleading title. Can you submit a documentation bugrep or shall I?


Feel free to criticize my English but be forewarned that you better have a lot of red ink. More than once I've had English as a second language people correct me. But with my poor grammar and spelling it's rather like shooting fish in a barrel. :)

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Can you submit a documentation bugrep or shall I?

I would be pleased if you could do that. Due to language and MEX-experience reason i guess it would better. But, if you don´t mind tell me how a bugrep is done.

"rberq" already explained to me the 2 different meanings using is or has. I´m learning here with every post.


"it's rather like shooting fish in a barrel"

LOL, thats what i love about english. Those idiomatic phrases... Hard to translate but somehow you get the picture. Great! German is way to rational, without those images.



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BTW Wouldn´t be "your English has much improved" better englisch? ;)

You can say "Your English has improved [a lot]", or "Your English is much improved". But if you say "Your English is improved", or "Your English has much improved", then I know immediately that you're not a native English speaker. Neither of these latter sentences flows properly - I can't really explain it more accurately.


Und ich habe Englisch an der Odenwaldschule in Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse unterrichtet!

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Thanks Paul! Back to the topic:


At the moment we have the three "Set window Order"-Commands:


A: Always on top.

B: Remove topmost status and place on top.

C: Place on bottom.


A, C do what the say. B has a misleading name and is only removing the topmost status. If you want to achieve what B´s title is implicating you can use A, B in sequence. I strongly recommend that B will become what it´s implicating and also recommend adding a fourth command "Remove topmost status" for which actually you just have to rename B. Just for consistence!


So far, so... well, certainly not good but at least learned the hard way :blink:


I have to point out that the option to dig out a window without activating it is a biggy for me! I often use it for displaying reference information without losing the focus of my application so i can work without interrupts, keeping the workflow.


Unfortunately the commands above will not work if a window has been minimized. I can already smell the replies that the "Set window order"-commands are supposed to work with windows and minimized applications have no windows.....


But how is it done anyway?


Thank You


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OT: Fun with English..............................................

thats what i love about english. Those idiomatic phrases...
I know what you mean I watch motorcycle racing and the class I follow (MotoGP) doesn't get very good coverage here in the US so I download it from England. At least twice during a race Wendy and I will stop, look at each other, think about what was said, then bust out laughing. As idiomatic as American is the Brits have us beat by a mile.
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