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Is there a way to copy text to a specific value?

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For example. I want to navigate my cursor to highlight and copy some text on a webpage. But i dont want it to live in my clipboard.

I want to save it to some sort of a value that ME understands. For example, it highlights and "copies the text". Then, whenever I enter %copy1% in my text editor it will automatically copy that text from within Macro express's memory.


Sound doable? Forgive me if this is a simple request!

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Copy to clipboard, then Variable Set String [from clipboard]. Once you have saved the clipboard contents in a string variable, the clipboard is no longer involved. You can type out the string with ME, or do whatever else you want with it.


I don't think there's any way to copy highlighted text directly to a string variable without going via the clipboard. Nor do I know any way that your text editor can copy from ME memory using a variable name. What text editor? Where CAN your text editor copy from?

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