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Load Macro File - Bug?


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Ok, so I have ME3 licenses on my PC at home and on my wife's Laptop. Our PC's are networked via a wireless router.


She runs very few macros on her laptop, whereas I run a number of them on my PC. Whenever I'm at her computer, I get a little irritated by the fact that I can't use my macros for anything as mundane as opening a webpage (I'm uber-lazy).


So, I recently started saving my macro file to the Public folder shared by both our computers, and directed her ME to open that file (all the macros she does use are on my macro file, since I built them on my PC first, and then exported them for her). She loses nothing, I gain everything... except my MEP macros, which is fine, really.


Anyway, here's the point:


I built a single-line macro to restart Macro Express. I did this so that if I updated any of the macro files on my PC, it would be a simple matter of restarting Macro Express via a single macro on her computer in order to update it on her end.


Here's the bug (or possible bug):

If I don't change anything, the macro works fine. If I do change anything, the macro kills ME, but doesn't restart it.


Ok, so it's not a big deal to manually click Start>Macro Express. The point is that big deal or not, it shouldn't be necessary. Am I right?


Here's the code (the activation I set is Ctr+Alt+Shift+Up Arrow):

Restart Macro Express

and, just to be thorough:



Is there any help to be had? Should I bugrep this?



By the way, we are both rockin' Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit, SP2, in case that matters.

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