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System background. I am using Vista OP and Macroexpress v 3.7d


I had created a set of macro to run when a specifc program was running (Metastock mswin.exe) on a prior computer that ran XP operating system. When I now load that set of macros into Macroexpress on the Vista machine, these program specifc ones do not activate when the assigned key is pushed. I can manually run the macro but it does not do what it is supposed to do in the specific program.


I opened one of the program specific macros, and with Metastock running, when I look in the available set of active programs in the program specific list for selection, this program does not appear for selection (even though I can see it running in another window). Other programs that are running show up, but not this one. Hence, it appears that the macros are not executing because macroexpress does not recognize that the required specific program is running.


Any known issues on this?



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