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Macro Express 3.7d unable to work with x64 programs on Windows 7 x64...


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Macro Express 3.7d is unable to work with x64 programs on Windows 7 x64. When I try to add a program scope to the macro, my x64 program doesn't show up on the active programs list. And if I manually type in the .exe name, it still doesn't work. It doesn't have any problems working with x86 programs though--only a problem with x64. Any ideas?


BTW: I have set MacExp.exe to Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode to get my imported settings to show up correctly. If I turn off compatibility mode and restart the program, the settings disappear again. So it seems I need to keep it in compatibility mode.

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Repeating the same problems in multiple posts will NOT help resolve the issue. Please confine your discussion of each problem to a single post.


This is a 'User' discussion forum. If you want an official response from Insight Software Solutions, please contact our support people directly. Our contact page has the telephone number and email address for support.

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We are working on a new version of Macro Express that will interact with 64bit programs. It will also contain changes to improve compatibility with Windows 7. At this point we do not have a time frame for this new version.


Questions regarding this new release should be directed to the Insight Software Solutions support people. See our Contact Us page for contact information.

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