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tabbing multiple times


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Hello all.


This should be an easy answer:


How do you tab 16 times without 16 lines of <TAB>? Isn't there a short formula for this? Something like <TAB:16>? I can't figure it out.




Pat Gennarelli



You can do text type: <TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB>.. etc all on one line then after that put the delay option that tell it wait for the text playback to complete.


or you can look into using controls to see if you can use it in that application

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I've used both Paul's and Brain Virus's solutions in the past. For me it always depended on how dedicated I was to the number of <TAB>s I needed.


And experience.


The more experience I gained with ME, the more I leaned toward's Paul's solution. It's elegant, easy, and you can modify it without having to recount your <TAB>s to make sure you have the right quantity.

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