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Windows Speech Recognition and MXPro

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I to am using Windows Speech Recognition, and find it to work very well (Win7 x64). There is a Windows Speech Recognition Macros add-on put out by Microsoft, but it is very clumsy, and barely functional. It stores the macros as individual XML files in your Documents folder, and is edited as XML as well (no editor, and only the most basic creation wizards).


I looked this up, but there have not been that many people asking about this, this is the only Link I have found on it.  :o



However, I think it would be quite simple to create a macro that would read every macro and see if it sees a special comment line for a spoken activation string, then generate the XML activation files with a simple template.



This would work, and be fairly easy to write, but would have a few downsides


1.  You would need to install WSRMacros just to get it to work, (Small price, the file is free from Microsoft, but annoying) and,


2.  You would need to re-run the activation registration program each time you updated a macro to save the changes (also annoying, and with a lot of macros, potentially very time consuming)


I am wondering if there is a simpler activation method for MX than this, any help in the right direction would be appreciated :)


Also, there should be a command line for speaking text out loud in windows, but I am having difficulty finding it (basically trying to integrate the speak it macro program into this one, but without an exe file required)

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