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Macro to get google search no. of competing pages for list of keywords


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I need help with an macro for getting google competing pages no. from google serp for a list of keywords in an .csv file.

The macro should read keywords one by one from the .csv file till end of list, launch browser and make google query for each keyword like this: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=i...or%3A%22%T1%%22 where T1 is the keyword phrase, and select and copy the number appearing in the light blue highlight bar in google serp of the no. of competing pages and copy this no. one by one for each keyword to the another .csv file in same order as keywords.

I have a large list of keywords and it is a very repetitive manual and boring task to do, it will really be helpful if I can write a macro for it.

Please help me with this macro

Thanx in advance




Pune, India


P.S. I have edited an macro for my purpose please see if it is correct


<TVAR2:20:01:C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Test.csv ><TVAR2:21:01:C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Test1.csv ><CLIPE><IVAR2:10:01:1><ADFBEG:F10:001:000001:000000:%T20%><HTTP2:1:T:http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=intitle%3A%22%T1%%22+inanchor%3A%22%T1%%22><IVAR2:01:09:><NMVAR:04:01:1:0000001:2:0000002><IVAR2:02:01:200><REP3:08:000001:000002:0003:0:01:16381936 ><NMVAR:01:02:1:0000002:2:0000005><GETPX:3:W:%N1%:%N2%><ENDREP><MMW2:1N,2N><LDCLK><LCLK><CLIPC><REP3:01:000001:000001:00010:1:04:><IFOTH2:07:1:><DELAY:.05><ELSE><BREAK><ENDIF><ENDREP><IFVAR2:2:04:1:10 ><WCLS:%T1%><MACRUN2:GotTeeth - Bananas ><ENDIF><TVAR2:02:03:><TMVAR2:01:02:00:000:000:><IVAR2:04:13:2: of about ><TMVAR2:11:02:00:001:N04:><TMVAR2:21:02:00:000:000:of about ><IVAR2:05:13:2: for ><TMVAR2:10:02:02:001:N05:><IFVAR2:1:02:7: of ><IVAR2:06:13:2: of ><TMVAR2:11:02:00:001:N06:><TMVAR2:21:02:01:000:000:of ><ENDIF><TMVAR2:01:02:00:000:000:><TMVAR2:21:02:01:000:000:, ><TMVAR2:07:10:00:000:000:, %T2% ><WCLS:%T1%><TMVAR2:07:01:00:000:000:%T10% ><IFVAR2:2:10:1:1 ><TMVAR2:17:01:00:000:000:%T21% T><ELSE><TMVAR2:20:01:00:000:000:%T21% T><ENDIF><NMVAR:08:10:0:0000001:0:0000000><DIS:<DELAY:5> <ADFEND><DOFILE:05:NN:%T21%>%T20%><DOFILE:08:NN:%T21%>>


I tried to run this macro, but it stops at the 11th command "Repeat Until %N3% = 16381936

Variable Modify Integer: %N2% = %N2% + 5

Get Pixel: Window Coords: %N1%,%N2% into %N3%

Repeat End"

when I tried to run it by step and it wont go any further and was stuck in a loop between the above mentioned commands.


Also I manually created the Test1.csv file, Am I supposed to create it or the Macro creates it?

Am I supposed to keep this file open or closed?

It would be fine by me even if the Macro only writes the result no.'s to this file respectively in same order as the file with keyword list, and does not move it back to the first file, i.e. if there is any problem with it I can just select and copy the whole column manually to the first file.



My comp's resolution True color 1280 x 1024, 32 bit color, I have a 17" monitor, Windows XP Pro SP2, IE-7 and Firefox (3.5.3) and Macro Express v 3.7d (

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