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Hi, i was wondering if this concept would work. My supervisor and I get alot of faxes that we have to hand out, now if we were to get something like efax to have all faxes be stored on computer it shouldn't be too hard to create a macro to go through and email them to the appropriate people right? Also what do you guys use ME to automate in the office? Other then working for this client the company i work for doesn't automate anything that i know of but because we have a client i am the only one using ME. Just looking for idea's.


Thank You!!

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It would be fairly easy to have Macro Express email the fax as an attachment. The only difficulty that I can see would be in determining who the fax should be sent to.


As a simple first stage you could write a macro that displays each fax one at a time and a person could choose the recipient. Then the macro could email it to that person.


Later you may be able to open the fax in some kind of OCR program to grab the recipient.

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